Nine Methods Of Car Games Domination

Nine Methods Of Car Games Domination

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Few days can equal the day of your wedding for romance and magic. Why not make the day even more memorable by treating your fiance with a special treat to show him or her that you are thinking of him? This is a look at wedding day surprises which are sure to melt the heart.

There are many, many special surprises that a bride or groom can offer to the other on their wedding day. In many families, it is traditional for the grooms to offer wedding jewelry gifts to their brides before the start of the ceremony. The gifts of wedding jewelry are usually delivered to the place where the bride and her bridesmaids are getting ready before the start of the service (not by the groom himself, since it is bad luck for him to see the bride!). Watch every woman in the room swoon as the bride opens the box containing a fabulous little bauble from her soon-to-be-husband. Jewelry might not be the most original wedding day surprise, but somehow I doubt the bride will complain!

The groom's cake is a very fun reception surprise. It is a long-standing custom in the South for the bride to secretly order a second smaller cake in honor of her groom. The cake can be made in any design, as long as it represents the groom in some way. Common themes are pets, sports, hobbies, career, and fraternity or military affiliations. Keep the cake out of sight until the time that the main wedding cake is cut, and then present it to the groom as a sweet surprise.

One of the most romantic wedding day surprises that I have ever seen was a song written by the bride. It turned out that she had written the love ballad months before, and had been feverishly practicing it in the weeks leading up to the wedding. During the reception, she borrowed the band's microphone and a guitar and sang the sweetest song you have ever heard. Not only was it a surprise from the groom, but no one else knew what was coming except for one bridesmaid who had listened to the bride practice. There was not a dry eye in the house. This would work equally well as a gift from the groom to his new wife.

Has your fiance been commenting on how weddings are all girl stuff? Give him a happy surprise by creating a special guy area at the reception. It could be a cigar bar, an activity area with games like vintage pinball or arcade games, or even a cool "man cave" in lieu of the trendy wedding lounge. The only thing to avoid is something which would permanently divert all the guys from the rest of the reception, like big screen televisions showing the NFL playoffs (you shouldn't be scheduling your wedding to conflict with the playoffs anyway!).

A final thought for the groom is to listen carefully to your fiancee as she talks about wedding plans. The chances are that there is something she would love to have for the ceremony or reception, but has decided to omit due to cost. Maybe she has always dreamed of arriving at her wedding in a horse drawn carriage or she loves the idea of ending the reception with fireworks. Imagine how thrilled she would be if you surprised her with her heart's desire! This type of wedding day treat is doubly good, because she not only gets to have her dream come true, but the bride will realize that she has a husband who listens to her. Now that is a gift that any bride would love to receive!