Web Development

It takes effort and expertise to deliver flawless web applications, and that’s in fact what you can and should expect from your web development team. With 10Clouds, you leave your product in good hands. You can be sure that the product team will strive for the highest quality of back-end as well as front-end experience.


If you expect your app to be user-friendly, intuitive, and beautiful at the same time - you’re in the right place. Get your web application done with extreme care of functionality and visual quality.


10Clouds team consists of early adopters in the world of programming languages and frameworks. Our web applications are always built with top-notch technologies.


No matter what your product is - e.g. educational software, eā€‘health, SaaS or bots - our developers will offer custom solutions suited exactly to your clients’ needs and product specifics.


Our team uses top productivity tools and reliable services to speed up product development. Think Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Auth0, Contentful, Customer.io. They help us launch your MVP in the speed of light.

Back-end showcase

Developing purposeful software with sophisticated back end is definitely our thing. For instance, take Language Muse, a web-based application designed to support American teachers of English language.

Built from scratch for Education Testing Service of the USA, it helps teachers improve their language classes by automatic generation of educational materials. Language Muse’s linguistic feedback component based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies explores a text provided by a teacher and makes it easier to prepare related exercises.

Front-end showcase

Managing project teams, especially remote ones, may pose a challenge when it comes to checking employees’ availability and arranging works according to their schedules. Why not make it all simpler and pleasant to look at? timeION gets your team’s schedule organized and win over communication chaos. Based on our own experiences, we’ve developed an app with a number of features that will support any business in need of precise scheduling:

  • Clearly visualised team availability
  • Easily managed time off requests
  • Smart absence reports for all employees